Roskear School has over 70 members of staff, both full-time and part-time. We also have to provide parking for the Roskear Centre situated in the original school building at the front of the site. This means, sadly, that the immense strain on the car park leaves very limited parking for parents.

To help overcome this problem we operate a drop-off zone in the mornings and ‘Park & Stride’ is always available from Tesco’s. Our car park is locked between 3.00 and 3.30 every afternoon so that we do not have more cars attempting to use the school site than we have space for. This has been a serious safety issue in the past. If you are registered disabled and have a blue disabled badge, you are permitted to park in the car park providing you arrive before 3 pm and can wait until the gate is unlocked at 3.30 pm.


Drop-off Zone

For children in Y1 to Y6 we organise a drop-off zone in the mornings which operates from 8.40 to 9.00 am. Two members of staff are there to welcome your child as they get out of the car, when you pull up in the designated area, and guide them to the appropriate playground. Another member of staff monitors security at the gate to ensure no child leaves the site after they have been dropped off.

If your child is not able to use the drop-off zone for any reason, please park off the school site and walk the final distance to school. If you live close to school we would always encourage you to walk as this is a far more healthy option.

We do not consider it appropriate for children in the Nursery or Classes 1 and 2, to use the drop-off zone as they often need more support at the start of the school day.


Health and Safety Guidelines

  • Our car park is closed from 3.00 – 3.30 each day.
  • Please do not park in the access road, and keep all entrances and exits clear. This is important to ensure access for emergency vehicles if it should be necessary.
  • Whenever possible, please walk to school
  • Park off the school site and walk the last few hundred yards to school – ‘Park & Stride’ from Tesco’s
  • If your child is in class 3 or above use the drop-off zone in the mornings
  • Please do not block other cars
  • If you are parking off the school site we kindly ask that you consider our local residents and refrain from blocking driveways and parking on pavements

These measures have been introduced to ensure the safety of your children.

We very much appreciate your understanding and co-operation.