Learning through the curriculum


At Crofty Minors and Roskear School Nursery, we encourage children to learn through play in a safe, caring, indoor and outdoor environment, encouraging and enabling children to learn and develop both physically and emotionally in their unique way.

We work closely with families as partners to achieve the best care for their child, helping to ensure their progress, health, well-being and happiness.

Practitioners working with our youngest children ensure a strong foundation for children’s development in the three prime areas.

Personal, Social and Emotional Development: by supporting the transition to and between settings, promoting an inclusive ethos and providing opportunities for each child to become a valued member of that group and community so that a strong self-image and self-esteem are promoted.

Communication and Language: with opportunities for all children to talk and communicate in a widening range of situations, to respond to adults and to each other, to practise and extend the range of vocabulary and communication skills they use, and to listen carefully.

Physical Development: with opportunities for all children to develop and practise their fine and gross motor skills, increase their understanding of how their bodies work and what they need to be healthy and safe.

The specific areas of learning (Literacy, Mathematics, Understanding the World, Expressive Arts and Design) provide children with a broad curriculum and with opportunities to strengthen and apply the prime areas of learning.

Good early years practice involves children learning through play. We follow national guidance and legislation and use a wealth of staff expertise to provide a challenging and stimulating experience for all children. Children are encouraged to be independent, confident and take pride in their achievements. Parents/carers are our partners in their child’s learning. Children learn through playing on their own, in small groups and in sessions where they are in larger groups e.g. at story time, circle time or dance time. We hope that children will learn to listen, concentrate, observe, express themselves and have confidence to tackle new tasks.

We cover different topics each half term allowing the areas of the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum to be covered in a way that is relevant to young children.

Children from 0-2 years will develop the 3 prime areas first.
These are:

Communication and language
Physical development
Personal, social and emotional development

As your child grows, between the ages of 3 and 4, the prime areas will help them to develop skills in four specific areas.
These are:

Understanding the world
Expressive arts and design