At Roskear School, we believe that Physical Education contributes significantly to children’s learning and development across physical, social, emotional and cognitive areas.

We deliver a wide range of physical activities at Roskear with the aim of engaging and inspiring all of our children. We are committed to ensuring that all children receive at least two hours of well-planned, high quality Physical Education every week.

During the year every pupil receives a wide range of lessons encompassing Games, Athletics, Gymnastics, Outdoor Education and Dance lessons. Swimming lessons are also incorporated into the curriculum for classes in Years 3, 4, 5 and 6.

We believe that physical education, experienced in a safe, engaging and supportive environment, is a significant factor in developing our children’s physical competence and confidence.

At Roskear, we promote physical skilfulness, physical development and knowledge of the body in action. We aim to give a stimulating, enjoyable and appropriately challenging learning experience. Children may work individually, in pairs or take part in group activities. During co-operative, creative and competitive situations they are always encouraged to use their improvisation and problem-solving skills.

As a school we strive to bring competitive sports to your child entering competitions, including football, netball, swimming, grass-track cycling, cricket, tennis, tag-rugby and athletics to name a few. Roskear also provide children with opportunities through intra-school competitions. We organise a variety of school visitors throughout the year, to further support and enrich our curriculum; with the Cornish Pirates, Plymouth Argyle and even the Football Association having working relationships with the school.

Aside from competitive games, we also promote sports through a variety of after-school clubs at the school. This year we have worked hard to expand our extra-curricular sporting provision and offer a wide range of opportunities for the children from EYFS to Year 6 to participate in. This includes inclusive sports such as Boccia, Goal-ball, Tchoukball and curling.

Through a broad, balanced and creative curriculum, we hope that all of our pupils become confident individuals and successful learners, who adopt a healthy lifestyle.

At Roskear, we want to provide children with a range of experiences and allow them to develop their skills of movement, as well as to develop and apply their interpersonal skills, including determination, self-belief, honesty, teamwork, respect and passion, as celebrated in the School Games movement.  We want children to have the chance to compete at a variety of levels and apply their skills individually and in teams.  We want children to use self-evaluation to analyse their own learning and look at ways of improving themselves.

But, most importantly, we want our pupils to enjoy being active and to appreciate the physical and mental health benefits of an active life-style now and in their future.

Our aims:

By following the National Curriculum guidance for physical education, we aim to ensure that all pupils:

  • develop competence to excel in a broad range of physical activities
  • are physically active for sustained periods of time
  • engage in competitive sports and activities
  • lead healthy, active lives

What is Physical Literacy?

“Physical literacy can be described as the motivation, confidence, physical competence, knowledge and understanding to value and take responsibility for engagement in physical activities for life”. (IPLA, 2017)

School Sport

Intra-school competition – At Roskear we encourage sporting competition for all students held within the school. We run house matches in the form of both skill-based and game competitions.

Inter-school competition – Individuals and teams are selected to represent Roskear against other local schools, with the winning team progressing to a School Games Final / Festival.

Cornwall School Games (County finals) – Regional or countywide festivals and competitions are usually held twice a year to find the best performers in the area.

Physical Activity

At Roskear, pupils have at least 30 active minutes every day

This takes place in the form of:

  1. Active travel
  2. Active classrooms
  3. Active pedagogy
  4. Active playgrounds
  5. Fitter Future

Much of our physical activity is informal led by pupils themselves but we also offer structured physical activity led by young leaders, members of staff and sport coaches.

We believe that the children will reap the benefits in many different aspects of physical wellbeing, including cognitive development, cognitive functioning, attention and behaviour to name a few.

Intent Implementation Impact at Roskear

Roskear are proud to say we have been awarded the Healthy Schools Award, which recognises our commitment to improving the education around making healthier choices.

We also hold the Silver School Mark Award for the commitment made to the development of competition across our school.

We are also working closely with the Premier League Primary Stars program; inviting the Premier League trophy and FA representatives, alongside Plymouth Argyle coaches, to our school.

We also  implement ‘Fitter Future’ in 15 minute daily sessions.

‘Fitter Future’ fights childhood obesity and equips children with the tools to improve their emotional & mental well-being.  ‘Fitter Future’ work with schools and families by providing an online platform, which offers a holistic approach to physical and mental well-being.  Their holistic approach to well-being ensures that schools look after the physical and mental well-being of children.  ‘Fitter Future’ is created by teachers, tested by children and suitable for classes of any size.

Key benefits schools have found since working with ‘Fitter Future’:

  • Deliver on OFSTED framework for well-being
  • Maximise teaching time
  • Increase happiness / culture of positivity in school
  • Improve focus and concentration in class
  • Decrease behavioural disruptions in and out of class
  • Impact easily measurable
  • Free home use
  • Greater physical activity

Visit to see some of their success stories!