Design & Technology

Learning: For a better future 

” Design and technology should be the subject where mathematical  brainboxes and science whizz kids turn their bright ideas into useful products.”



Design and technology is a practical and valuable subject. It enables children and young people to actively contribute to the creativity, culture, wealth and well-being of themselves, their community and their nation. It teaches how to take risks and so become more resourceful, innovative, enterprising and capable.


It is planned that pupils are taught how to design and make things for a particular purpose. Pupils learn how to test, refine and develop the products they design and make, to check that they work and improve them if they don’t. Pupils will know the difference between Art and Design and Design Technology (DT) . Pupils will be challenged in DT because they cannot copy but rather they have to develop original ideas with their own creative stamp. The products are expected to work.

Pupils learn the crucial life skill of how to cook in order to feed themselves and others affordably and well now and in later life. They are taught to apply the principles of nutrition and healthy eating including a varied diet. They are taught where food comes from. They cook a range of predominantly savoury dishes using cooking techniques; understanding seasonality and know where and how a variety of ingredients are grown, reared, caught and processed – linked to our context farming and fishing (visits, visitors, hands on experiences, local businesses)

Design Technology overview

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