As you will know parents and carers have a legal duty to ensure their child attends school regularly and punctually. This means children must attend every day that the school is open, except in a small number of allowable circum­stances, such as being too ill to attend or being given permission for an absence in advance from the school by completing a Leave of Absence form (LOA). These can be located on our school website or from the main office.


Please remember children need to arrive in class by 8:55am (school doors open at 8:40am.). Should they arrive after doors close they will need to be signed in by an adult in the main school office and this may result in them receiving a late mark on their registration certificate.


If children are too ill to attend school, we kindly ask that parents / carers phone the school and leave a message on the attendance line, stating their child’s name and the reason for their absence. We ask that you try to do this by 9:00am and no later than 12:00pm. Should we not receive a call/ message and do not know where a child is, then we implement our attendance safeguarding procedures immediately.


Please know that, we only wish the very best for every child and working together, aspiring to high standards of attendance, is a priority for us all here at Roskear.

Kind regards,

Mrs Lagdon

Deputy Headteacher



To apply for a leave of absence please complete this request form:


Leave of absence form


New Academic Year whole school attendance letter 2023-2024